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Writing while parenting

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Open laptop. Open work in progress. Reread last page to remember where you left off. Edit a few typos. Get an idea of what you want to do next. Type three new words. Get interrupted by child needing a snack.

Get up, make snack, play with one year old, pay attention to five year old, plop them in front of Sesame Street and steal from the room.

Open laptop back up. Reread last paragraph. Remember that you had an epiphany last time and were just about to start writing. Read the three words you typed to get an idea of that epiphany. Have no clue what you were going for. Delete three words. Think for a minute. Write a sentence. Start next sentence. Get interrupted by scream from the other room.

Slam laptop shut, dash out to find five year old backing away from his crying sister shouting "Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" Dive over the baby gate to scoop up crying 1 year old while assuring 5 year old it's okay and try to figure out what happened. Soothe both crying children while trying not to forget what you were doing. Forget completely and decide to make everyone lunch. Make and feed kids lunch, getting laundry started and dishwasher going so you don't have to worry about it later in your designated "writing time."

After lunch, lay baby down for nap and let 5 year old play a video game to distract him. Get a quick shower in because you're still sweaty from the gym, put away the clean clothes while getting dressed. Finally get a chance to reclaim laptop. Open up and reread where you left. Hear call from other room. "Mommy. I'm a little lonely in here. Can you work beside me? I promise to be quiet."

Sigh. You know how this ends. Agree to simple request. Sit down beside the 5 year old who proceeds to narrate every last move in his video game while asking you for advice and commentary on who you think will win this game. Decide to write a blog post instead about why you don't get any work done. Get only half way through because baby wakes up from her nap. Ignore her calls of "Mama. Daddy. Alex." while you try desperately to finish. Dismiss 5 year old who points out this behavior. Promise him he can play five more minutes if you can just reach the end of this damn paragraph.

And scene.

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