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Hunting is illegal at the Greenwood Knoll Pub.

Apparently, someone didn’t get the message.

For weeks, solitary fae of Atlanta have been disappearing with no word, no sign of foul play, and no explanations. When a half-human fairy bartender, discovers a body of a djinn in the Chattahoochee, she realizes something or someone is killing fae, and they’re using her bar as the hunting ground. Siobhan wants to keep her patrons safe, but her only real magical ability is tasting the unique flavor profile of other fairies' magic, not much help when tracking down a killer. But as more fae are killed, SIobhan is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the Greenwood Knoll a sanctuary for all who need it.

When a foreign Fairy Queen arrives, demanding answers about one of her missing subjects, Siobhan finds herself at the center of a growing storm of suspicion. There's something bigger at play in Atlanta, and with or without magic, Siobhan needs answers. Now. To find them, she’ll have to navigate the politics of a hostile Fairy Court and figure out why every clue seems to lead back to the Greenwood Knoll, before she or her found family fall victim to either the killer or a Fairy Queen’s idea of justice.

Summer’s Blood is the first installment in the Iron and Earth series, a new urban fantasy series from Sara Bond, Author of Gravity’s Heir.

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"Legacy is nothing but history, 

if it doesn't have a future."

When her father threw her out, sacrificing his only living daughter for the good of his shipping conglomerate, Lena Lomasky swore she could make it on her own. But now she’s broke and desperate, and pride won’t fuel her spaceship. Her latest job is simple: carry a datastick of state secrets home to her father. The same man who cut her off without a cent. Whatever. She can do this. Pass the whiskey.

An ill-timed royal assassination ignites a war and Lena’s crew is blamed. When she thinks to use her cache of state secrets to save them, Lena discovers she’s actually smuggling the only known plans for her father’s invention: a gravity bomb that can vaporize entire cities.

Lena must decide: continue on and hope her father can design a defense to save millions of lives, or leverage the plans to save the only people who really matter.


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