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Tomorrow: Cover Reveal

Tomorrow is a little exciting for me and my corner of the internet. I get to reveal the amazing cover designed for me by David King at Black Rose Writing. I cannot say enough how much I love this cover. It evokes a feeling of classic space opera and feels very reminiscent of a Ben Bova or CJ Cherryh novel. It's wistful, futuristic, and I think it really captures the weight of the worlds that rests on Lena's shoulders.

I'm so excited to show it to everyone. It's being posted on the Facebook group Great Thoughts, Great Readers, which has thousands of followers; on my friend KJ Harrowick's personal page, which has a loyal and dedicated following; and of course, all over social media. So if you're inclined, retweet, make a post of your own, or just come back here tomorrow to see the gorgeousness that is my debut novel cover,

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