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Feast or Famine

Some days I feel like I get absolutely nothing done. Family needs come up, so I'm shuttling between TaeKwonDo, Soccer practice, pediatrician appointments, grocery store, bus pickup, playdates, and just trying to get everyone fed and in bed, pretty much every day. Then there are the seasonal unpacking of the holiday decorations (got my Halloween decorations out of storage but not at all up and out for anyone to see), getting ready for a date with my husband to the final Atlanta United game tailgate of the year, getting extra loads of laundry done as we possibly move to fall and winter clothes. And then there's the unusual interruptions, like today's five a.m. wakeup and a trip to the emergency room.

I sometimes completely write off (ba-dum-ching) the idea of getting anything done with my own work. And yet.

When I'm motivated, I tend to get really motivated. I spend too many days getting distracted by all the things that demand my time and attention, and I am sadly, too willing to let it throw me off my game. But when I'm ready to buckle down and get things done: boom--two blog posts in one day. Boom--convert latest book proofs to all available formats for eARCs. Boom--set up a cover reveal campaign in just three days. Boom--beta reading done. Boom--actually writing new content.

Why can't this happen every day?

Anyway, yeah, I have a scheduled cover reveal coming up on Friday. The hugely supportive Great Thoughts, Great Readers group on Facebook will be featuring my book, and sharing my preorder page with their members. I'm hoping to get a few friends on Twitter to also blast my cover out to get people excited. And, of course, I'll be posting the gorgeous, gorgeous cover here so anyone who stumbles across my tiny corner of the internet can find what I've been working so hard for the past few years.

In the meantime, damn. I'm really tired. 5 a.m. better pass me by tomorrow, because I don't think I want to make early mornings a habit. But this productivity? I hope it visits again, because I have a whole lot to do tomorrow.

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