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Since I signed my contract with Black Rose Writing to publish my debut novel, there have been a number of moments that have felt unreal. There's no way something I wrote is going to be out there in the world where anyone can read it. They've made some mistake. They meant some other book. They meant to offer this incredible opportunity to someone else. They probably didn't even read my book, and didn't realize they made a mistake.

And then I saw my cover.

Not only did they read my book, they got it. They understood it at a very deep level. My publisher saw to the heart of what I'd written and rendered the moral weight, the sadness and the action, and the claustrophobic emptiness of my silly space opera, and they made it into something visual.

I give you, the official debut cover of GRAVITY'S HEIR.

It's a real book. And it's a gorgeous book. Do you see the level of detail? Look closer. You can see Lena's face reflected in the glass of the space ship. You can see a hallway behind her and ceiling grates in the faint reflection. Look at the gases escaping from the destroyed planet. The radiation and destruction she leaves in her wake.

David King of Black Rose saw things that I didn't even see in my story. And I am forever grateful.

If you love this cover half as much as I do, or if you are interested in discovering the story that inspired it, please consider preordering my book. It comes out February 6, 2020, and shortly, you'll be able to order through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and through you preferred local bookstore. But for now, you can find it in only one place. Preorder at my publisher's website, then let me know you did so! We'll coordinate a personal signing or a mailed bookplate if you're too far for visiting.

Trust me. You want this book. Look how gorgeous it is in the wild!

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